Course Delivery Options

There are various options to access the content of the PAPAA course.

You can download a flyer with the latest options and dates here.

PAPAA Online - £1,450

You access all of the training through online video presentations. The online version of the PAPAA allows students to access learning in their own time at their own pace. For busy teachers it provides the flexibility that face to face training does not allow. Students are given online access to video lectures which can be replayed and reviewed.

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PAPAA Intensive - £1,850 (£1,750 for live webinars)

A combination of face to face training and online learning. Unit 1 is delivered in an intensive 3 day block. Unit 2 is delivered through our online video presentations. The option is ideally suited to those who enjoy both class delivery and distance learning.

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PAPAA Face to Face - £2,000

For colleagues who prefer face to face training we offer the option to access the PAPAA course through 6 face to face training days, in two 3 day blocks. Students have full access to our Online Learning Environment and can supplement the face to face days with online learning if they wish to. A structured approach to the completion of assignments is factored into the face to face days.

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PAPAA Bespoke - £POA

If you are part of an academy chain, a Local Authority or group of schools, we can offer the PAPAA Intensive option at a venue of your choice (minimum of 8 students). The remainder of the training will be undertaken through online video presentations.

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