PAPAA Library of Tests (for the use of PAPAA and APAAC Students and Assessors only)

When undertaking the PAPAA or APAAC Course we require our students to have access to a range of tests as detailed on the Online Learning Environment.

We do realise that occasionally it may be hard for students to obtain all the required tests. For that reason we have a small library of tests which we can lend to students.

We are able to loan tests for up to two weeks at a time. There is a fee for borrowing the tests, to cover our costs (such as administration and P&P).

If you want to borrow a test, please first email to check the availability of your chosen test(s). Please note it may take up to three days for a reply.

Once availability has been confirmed, you can add the relevant tests to your cart below, and click “Checkout with PayPal” to pay the fee. Please note that tests such as CTOPP2, WRAT 4 and DASH are often in high demand and, although there are multiple copies in the library, you may have to wait for them to become available.

When you have confirmed the availability of your chosen test(s) and paid for them, you will receive an email confirming the payment. Please send a copy of this confirmation email to and your test(s) will be despatched as arranged. Tests are sent out with a return date approximately two weeks from the date of dispatch (school holidays not included). Please note that there will be an additional charge if they are not returned by this date.

The test will be sent either ‘signed for’ or ‘special delivery’, depending on the value of the test. Please return it using the same postage method. We will include the packaging to return the test with your order.

Reading Tests

Access Reading Test £17.50
Adult Reading Test 2 (ART2) £15.50
Diagnostic Reading Analysis 2 (DRA 2) £18.50
Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT 5) £25.00
Hodder Oral Reading Test £17.00
Hodder Reading Test £17.00
New Group Reading Test £23.50
Single Word Reading Test £15.00
Test of Word Reading Efficiency 2 (TOWRE 2) £23.50
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test IIuk T (WIAT) £28.00
Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT 4 inc spelling) £27.00
WRAT Expanded £17.50
York Assessment of Reading Comprehension (YARC) £24.50
Wide Range Achievement Test 5 (WRAT 5 inc spelling) £28.00

Spelling and Writing Tests

Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH) £22.50
Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting 17+ (DASH 17+) £18.00
Diagnostic Spelling Test £15.50
Graded Word Spelling Test £15.00
Helen Arkell Spelling Test (HAST) £16.00

Processing and Memory Tests

Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing 2 (CTOPP 2) with CD £25.50
Lucid EXACT £19.00
Lucid RECALL £19.00
RAN RAS £20.00
Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) £17.50
TOMAL 2 £21.50
Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing 2 (CTOPP 2) without CD £25.50

Other Tests

British Picture Vocabulary Scale 3 (BPVS 3) £26.50
Dyslexia Portfolio £27.00
WRAML £0.00

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