Blended Learning

Cost: £1,550 (2 face to face days) - £1,700 (3 face to face days)

Blended Learning is a combination of face to face training and online learning. On the PAPAA blended learning course, students have the advantage of the option to re-watch all the face to face lectures at a later date through our online learning platform. The course is ideally suited to those who enjoy both class delivery and distance learning.

We work in association with Dyslexia Matters ( to offer some of the face to face training. Dyslexia Matters have provided face to face and distance learning OCR Level 5 and 7 courses for many years, as well as delivering disability awareness training to charities, businesses and public services and providing assessments for both children and adults.

Students learning in a workshop

During the two day blended learning face to face days, we cover the following presentations:

Unit 1

  • Introduction to the Principles of Educational Testing
  • Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting
  • Academic Achievement Battery
  • Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing 2
  • Assignment Overview
  • There is an opportunity to ask questions about the course and its assignments and to complete an assignment at the face to face training

Unit 2

  • Access Arrangements for General Qualifications

During the three day blended learning face to face days:

We cover most of the presentations for Unit 1 and students have the opportunity work on the Unit 1 assignments during the face to face days. Students will be able to complete optional additional Unit 1 presentations, plus the Unit 2 video presentations, online.

Future Dates

The next available dates for our Blended Learning courses are:

  • Northampton: Fridays 22nd June, 13th July 2018 and Day 3 Date TBC (in association with Dyslexia Matters)

  • Westminster, Central London: 7th and 8th November 2018 (two consecutive days)

Please email to register your interest in any of these options.

We also offer a fully face to face option to access the PAPAA course through 6 face to face training days spread over 9 months. This option costs £1,950. Students have full access to our Online Learning Environment and can supplement the face to face days with online learning if they wish to. A structured approach to the completion of assignments is factored into the face to face days. For more details and upcoming dates of our face to face option, please click here.

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